Pescadero - Lithograph

Rachel Gracey (UK, born 1968) trained at Wimbledon School of Art. Using Lithography Gracey breathes light between the shifting forms of rural or urban landscapes and seascapes.

Gracey depicts windows into vistas that constitute moments in a journey. They are the connective lines throughout her works. From lively adventures to explorations of energy, form and colour, Gracey draws us into her way of looking, feeling and experiencing. She enables us to see beyond the simple surface, into the often sublime spaces that nature offers up, quietly and powerfully.

She is absorbed and enthralled by the process and power of printmaking. The making allows for a level of experimentation and collaboration which results in a practice which is constantly labile and sometimes throws up unexpected results. It reflects Gracey’s own desire to go beyond mere observation and her commitment to explore and reveal the unseen. As her subject is landscape, delving into process can result in works that are uniquely evocative stirring memories in the artist and viewer alike as shifting thoughts seek out recognisable forms and places.